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tom Stanton 4New Baltimore resident and award winning author Tom Stanton visited the library to talk about his new book Terror in the City of Champions: murder, baseball, and the secret society that rocked depression era Detroit.

This excerpt about the book taken from Tom’s website:

“In the mid-1930s, Detroit reigned as the City of Champions. Within a six-month span, the Tigers, Lions, and Red Wings won a World Series, NFL title, and Stanley Cup — a major-sports trifecta achieved by no other American city before or since — and it happened as undefeated local boxer Joe Louis was becoming a national sensation. As the successes mounted, the national media made heroes of the city’s sports stars, and Detroit grew almost delirious, the string of victories providing a sweet diversion from the Great Depression.

But beneath the jubilance, a nefarious plague was spreading unchecked. A wave of mysterious crimes had police baffled: bodies dumped along roadsides, suspicious suicides, bombings of homes and halls, flogging victims who refused to speak, assassination plots. All were the work of the Black Legion, a secret terrorist organization that flourished in Detroit until the summer of 1936, when one murder (and the loose lips of a gunman) led to its unraveling.”

Tom was very engaging. His book was chosen as the July reading selection for the book club! Tom’s book currently sits at # 16 on the NYT Bestseller List!

The library has an autographed copy of all of Tom’s books in the stacks, check them out!